This psalm is a triumphant celebration of the government of Jehovah, and of Jesus our Redeemer, in (1.) The awfulness, strength, stability, and duration thereof, ver. 1-2. (2.) In his triumphant victories over all opposition, ver. 3-4. (3.) In the faithfulness and certainty of his words, and the holiness of his court, ver. 5.

While I sing, let my soul rejoice in the highness of my God, and in the glories of my Redeemer.

1 The Lord doth reign, and clothed is he
with majesty most bright;
His works do show him clothed to be,
and girt about with might.

The world is also stablished,
that it cannot depart.
2 Thy throne is fixed of old, and thou
from everlasting art.

3 The floods, O Lord, have lifted up,
they lifted up their voice;
The floods have lifted up their waves,
and made a mighty noise.

4 But yet the Lord, that is on high,
is more of might by far
Than noise of many waters is,
or great sea-billows are.

5 Thy testimonies ev’ry one
in faithfulness excel;
And holiness for ever, Lord,
thine house becometh well.