To the chief Musician,
A Psalm for the sons of Korah.

This psalm relates to some remarkable deliverance of the Jewish nation; but whether that effected by the advancement of David to the throne, or that from the Assyrian invasion, 2 Kings 19, or from the Chaldean captivity, Ezra 1, is uncertain. It contains, (1.) Thankful acknowledgments of divine favours received, ver. 1-3. (2.) Supplications that further favours and deliverances may be speedily bestowed, ver. 4-7. (3.) Firm expectations of a gracious answer, in the coming, mediation, and blessings, of the Messiah, ver. 8-13.

While I sing, let my soul be affected with the mercies, which I, which my country, which the church of God, have enjoyed. Let me be thereby encouraged to plead for more. And let me, without doubting, credit the promises, and expect supply from the fulness of Christ.

1 O Lord, thou hast been favorable
to thy beloved land:
Jacob’s captivity thou hast
recalled with mighty hand.

2 Thou pardoned thy people hast
all their iniquities;
Thou all their trespasses and sins
hast covered from thine eyes.

3 Thou took’st off all thine ire, and turn’dst
from thy wrath’s furiousness.
4 Turn us, God of our health, and cause
thy wrath ‘gainst us to cease.

5 Shall thy displeasure thus endure
against us without end?
Wilt thou to generations all
thine anger forth extend?

6 That in thee may thy people joy,
wilt thou not us revive?
7 Show us thy mercy, Lord, to us
do thy salvation give.

8 I’ll hear what God the Lord will speak:
to his folk he’ll speak peace,
And to his saints; but let them not
return to foolishness.

9 To them that fear him surely near
is his salvation;
That glory in our land may have
her habitation.

10 Truth met with mercy, righteousness
and peace kissed mutually:
11 Truth springs from earth, and righteousness
looks down from heaven high.

12 Yea, what is good the Lord shall give;
our land shall yield increase:
13 Justice, to set us in his steps,
shall go before his face.