A Song or Psalm of Asaph.

This psalm relates to some combinations of the Heathens around, against the Hebrews, either in the days of David, 2 Sam. 8 or 10, or of Jehoshaphat, 2 Chron. 20. It contains, (1.) A solemn remonstrance to God concerning their malicious designs against his church and honour, ver. 1-8. (2.) Fervent supplications to God that he would defeat these attempts; protect and preserve his church; humble his enemies, and glorify himself in the world, ver. 9-18.

While I sing, let me be affected with the inward combinations of my own lusts with Satan and the world, and with the joint endeavours of open enemies and naughty professors against the church and interests of Christ; and commit the cause to God who judgeth righteously.

1 Keep not, O God, we thee entreat,
O keep not silence now:
Do thou not hold thy peace, O God,
and still no more be thou.

2 For, lo, thine enemies a noise
tumultuously have made;
And they that haters are of thee
have lifted up the head.

3 Against thy chosen people they
do crafty counsel take;
And they against thy hidden ones
do consultations make.

4 Come, let us cut them off, said they,
from being a nation,
That of the name of Isr’el may
no more be mention.

5 For with joint heart they plot, in league
against thee they combine.
6 The tents of Edom, Ishm’elites,
Moab’s and Hagar’s line;

7 Gebal, and Ammon, Amalek,
Philistines, those of Tyre;
8 And Assur join’d with them, to help
Lot’s children they conspire.

9 Do to them as to Midian,
Jabin at Kison strand;
10 And Sis’ra, which at En-dor fell,
as dung to fat the land.

11 Like Oreb and like Zeeb make
their noble men to fall;
Like Zeba and Zalmunna like,
make thou their princes all;

12 Who said, For our possession
let us God’s houses take.
13 My God, them like a wheel, as chaff
before the wind, them make.

14 As fire consumes the wood, as flame
doth mountains set on fire,
15 Chase and affright them with the storm
and tempest of thine ire.

16 Their faces fill with shame, O Lord,
that they may seek thy name.
17 Let them confounded be, and vexed,
and perish in their shame:

18 That men may know that thou, to whom
alone doth appertain
The name Jehovah, dost most high
o’er all the earth remain.