To the chief Musician,
A Song or Psalm.

In this psalm of thanksgiving, in which the fate of Israel is to be considered as typical of that of the gospel church and people of God, we have, (1.) David, as the messenger of God, calling all the nations of mankind to praise God for the manifestation of his sovereign dominion in his works, so wonderful in themselves, terrible to his enemies, comfortable to his people, and commanding and awful to all men, ver. 1-7; and for trying his people with afflictions, for supporting under them, protecting amidst them, and delivering from them at last, ver. 8-12. (2.) David, as the servant of God, exemplifying his own exhortations in honouring God, by costly oblations, and by thankful declarations of what God had done for his soul, particularly in answer to his prayers, ver. 13-20.

1 All lands to God in joyful sounds,
aloft your voices raise.
2 Sing forth the honor of his name,
and glorious make his praise.

3 Say unto God, How terrible
in all thy works art thou!
Through thy great pow’r thy foes to thee
shall be constrained to bow.

4 All on the earth shall worship thee,
they shall thy praise proclaim
In songs: they shall sing cheerfully
unto thy holy name.

5 Come, and the works that God hath wrought
with admiration see:
In’s working to the sons of men
most terrible is he.

6 Into dry land the sea he turned,
and they a passage had;
Ev’n marching through the flood on foot,
there we in him were glad.

7 He ruleth ever by his pow’r;
his eyes the nations see:
O let not the rebellious ones
lift up themselves on high.

8 Ye people, bless our God; aloud
the voice speak of his praise:
9 Our soul in life who safe preserves,
our foot from sliding stays.

10 For thou didst prove and try us, Lord,
as men do silver try;
11 Brought’st us into the net, and mad’st
bands on our loins to lie.

12 Thou hast caused men ride o’er our heads;
and though that we did pass
Through fire and water, yet thou brought’st
us to a wealthy place.

13 I’ll bring burnt off ‘rings to thy house;
to thee my vows I’ll pay,
14 Which my lips uttered, my mouth spake,
when trouble on me lay.

15 Burnt-sacrifices of fat rams
with incense I will bring;
Of bullocks and of goats I will
present an offering.

16 All that fear God, come, hear, I’ll tell
what he did for my soul.
17 I with my mouth unto him cried,
my tongue did him extol.

18 If in my heart I sin regard,
the Lord me will not hear:
19 But surely God me heard, and to
my prayer’s voice gave ear.

20 O let the Lord, our gracious God,
for ever blessed be,
Who turned not my pray’r from him,
nor yet his grace from me.