To the chief Musician,
A Psalm for the sons of Korah.

This psalm was probably composed on the same occasion as the 24th. Here is, (1.) A revenue of praise demanded for God, from all people, Jews and Gentiles, ver. 1, 6. (2.) A memorial of the grounds of praise, viz. the majesty of God’s nature, ver. 2; the great things he had done, or would do for his people, in subduing their foes, and providing portions for themselves; and in ascending to heaven, to receive gifts, and prepare places for men, ver. 3-5; as also the high sovereignty and universal extent of his government, ver. 2, 7-9.

While my lips utter this song, let all my inward powers labour in viewing, in loving, in admiring, in extolling my great, my glorious, my ascended, my all-governing, all-doing, and all -giving Lord, Jesus Christ.

1 All people, clap your hands; to God
with voice of triumph shout:
2 For dreadful is the Lord most high,
great King the earth throughout.

3 The heathen people under us
he surely shall subdue;
And he shall make the nations
under our feet to bow.

4 The lot of our inheritance
choose out for us shall he,
Of Jacob, whom he loved well,
ev’n the excellency.

5 God is with shouts gone up, the Lord
with trumpets sounding high.
6 Sing praise to God, sing praise, sing praise,
praise to our King sing ye.

7 For God is King of all the earth;
with knowledge praise express.
8 God rules the nations: God sits on
his throne of holiness.

9 The princes of the people are
assembled willingly;
Ev’n of the God of Abraham
they who the people be.

For why? the shields that do defend
the earth are only his:
They to the Lord belong; yea, he
exalted greatly is.