Michtam of David.

This psalm is indeed a michtam, a golden psalm. Behold the man according to God’s heart, (1.) Committing himself to God as his preserver, ver. 1. (2.) Avowing his endeared love to the people, and strict adherence to the worship of God, ver. 3-4. (3.) With great confidence and joy claiming God for his satisfying portion, ver. 2, 5-7. (4.) Comforting himself in, and blessing God for his present intimacy with him, and granting direction to him, and for his certain prospect of the eternal enjoyment of him, ver. 8-11.

But chiefly behold here, Jesus, the man of God’s right hand, surrendering himself up to his Father’s service, in room of, and for the everlasting advantage of his elect! Behold him, taking out his new-covenant claim to God, as his God and portion for ever; and as our God and portion in him! Behold how, supported of God in his holy manhood, he suffers unto a tremendous death, and debased burial; but being raised again, he is crowned with everlasting glory and honour! Behold how the agonies of suffering, and the pains of death, are succeeded with fulness of joy, and rivers of life and pleasures, at God’s right hand for evermore! Looking to him, let me with patience run the race that is set before me, living on, and rejoicing in God, as my all, and in all; and looking for the blessed hope, and glorious appearing of the great God my Saviour. Through him, neither sin, nor devils, nor death, nor hell, shall be able to prevent my immediate and everlasting enjoyment of Jehovah, as my infinite portion and exceeding joy.

Lord, keep me; for I trust in thee.
To God thus was my speech,
Thou art my Lord; and unto thee
my goodness doth not reach:

To saints on earth, to th’ excellent,
where my delight’s all plac’d.
Their sorrows shall be multiply’d
to other gods that haste:

Of their drink-offerings of blood
I will no off ‘ring make;
Yea, neither I their very names
up in my lips will take.

God is of mine inheritance
and cup the portion;
The lot that fallen is to me
thou dost maintain alone.

Unto me happily the lines
in pleasant places fell;
Yea, the inheritance I got
in beauty doth excel.

I bless the Lord, because he doth
by counsel me conduct;
And in the seasons of the night
my reins do me instruct.

Before me still the Lord I set:
sith it is so that he
Doth ever stand at my right hand,
I shall not moved be.

Because of this my heart is glad,
and joy shall be exprest
Ev’n by my glory; and my flesh
in confidence shall rest.

10 Because my soul in grave to dwell
shall not be left by thee;
Nor wilt thou give thine Holy One
corruption to see.

11 Thou wilt me shew the path of life:
of joys there is full store
Before thy face; at thy right hand
are pleasures evermore.