This psalm contains thirteen calls to praise God. It directs, (1.) Who ought to praise him, ver. 6. (2.) Why they should praise him, viz. that he dwells with men; and for his mighty acts, and his excellent greatness, ver. 1-2. (3.) How he ought to be praised, viz. in a public, earnest, and skilful manner, ver. 2-3, 5.

Dare not, my soul, to finish thy notes, and to conclude the book, without commencing an heartiness in the work. Awake then my inward powers, let me even here, begin my high hallelujahs and hosannas to Him, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

1 Praise ye the Lord. God’s praise within
his sanctuary raise;
And to him in the firmament
of his pow’r give ye praise.

2 Because of all his mighty acts,
with praise him magnify:
O praise him, as he doth excel
in glorious majesty.

3 Praise him with trumpet’s sound; his praise
with psaltery advance:
4 With timbrel, harp, stringed instruments,
and organs, in the dance.

5 Praise him on cymbals loud; him praise
on cymbals sounding high.
6 Let each thing breathing praise the Lord.
Praise to the Lord give ye.