A Song of degrees.

Let me, in this psalm, behold, (1.) The happiness of the saints; in the fixedness of their new-covenant state; the safety of their condition: the seasonableness of their deliverances; and the advantage of effectual fervent prayers in their behalf, ver. 1-4. (2.) The misery of the wicked, particularly of the apostates from the ways of God, ver. 5.

Let me then never be of them that draw back, but of them who believe, to the fixing of their heart, and the saving of their soul.

1 They in the Lord that firmly trust
shall be like Zion hill,
Which at no time can be removed,
but standeth ever still.

2 As round about Jerusalem
the mountains stand alway,
The Lord his folk doth compass so,
from henceforth and for aye.

3 For ill men’s rod upon the lot
of just men shall not lie;
Lest righteous men stretch forth their hands
unto iniquity.

4 Do thou to all those that be good
thy goodness, Lord, impart;
And do thou good to those that are
upright within their heart.

5 But as for such as turn aside
after their crooked way,
God shall lead forth with wicked men:
on Isr’el peace shall stay.