This psalm relates to the gospel church. Here are, (1.) A short, but solemn call, to the redeemed of all nations, to praise their God, ver. 1. (2.) Rich matter of praise suggested, viz. the unbounded mercy and everlasting faithfulness of God; and hence the fulness, kindness, and stability of his covenant promises, and the accomplishment thereof, ver. 2.

If the psalm be short, let me sing in the full assurance of faith, and with a heart all inflamed with the loving kindness, and all enraptured with admiration of the goodness of God, towards men, towards the Gentiles, and towards my soul.

1 O give ye praise unto the Lord,
all nations that be;
Likewise, ye people all, accord
his name to magnify.

2 For great to us-ward ever are
his loving-kindnesses:
His truth endures for evermore.
The Lord O do ye bless.