In this psalm are celebrated, (1.) God’s bringing Israel out of their Egyptian slavery, ver. 1. (2.) His setting up his tabernacle among them, and taking them for his peculiar people, ver. 2. (3.) His dividing the Red sea and Jordan before them, ver. 3, 5. (4.) His awful descent on Mount Sinai, to give them his law, ver. 4, 6-7. (5.) His providing them with water from the flinty rock, ver. 8.

While I sing, let my soul be affected with the grace, the glory, the power of my God; and with the mighty things he hath done for men, chiefly in the work of our redemption ­ and be encouraged to trust him in the greatest straits.

1 When Isr’el out of Egypt went,
and did his dwelling change,
When Jacob’s house went out from those
that were of language strange,

2 He Judah did his sanctuary,
his kingdom Isr’el make:
3 The sea it saw, and quickly fled,
Jordan was driven back.

4 Like rams the mountains, and like lambs
the hills skipped to and fro.
5 O sea, why fledd’st thou? Jordan, back
why wast thou driven so?

6 Ye mountains great, wherefore was it
that ye did skip like rams?
And wherefore was it, little hills,
that ye did leap like lambs?

7 O at the presence of the Lord,
earth, tremble thou for fear,
While as the presence of the God
of Jacob doth appear:

8 Who from the hard and stony rock
did standing water bring;
And by his pow’r did turn the flint
into a water-spring.