In this psalm, every sentence of which begins with a new letter of the Hebrew alphabet, we have, (1.) The praising of God inculcated and exemplified, ver. 1. (2.) The grounds of praise exhibited, viz. that God himself is gracious and full of compassion, and ever mindful of his covenant; and that his works are magnificent, pleasant, righteous, wonderful, perfect, kind, prudent, and durable; and all conformed to his promise and covenant, ver. 2-9. (3.) A recommendation of a holy and reverential obedience to God, as the beginning of wisdom, ver. 10.

While I sing, let my heart be all inflamed with the believing consideration of the marvellous works of redemption, as wrought for and on my soul; and filled with that love, which casteth out slavish fear, but powerfully promotes the filial reverence and awe of God.

1 Praise ye the Lord: with my whole heart
I will God’s praise declare,
Where the assemblies of the just
and congregations are.

2 The whole works of the Lord our God
are great above all measure,
Sought out they are of ev’ry one
that doth therein take pleasure.

3 His work most honourable is,
most glorious and pure,
And his untainted righteousness
for ever doth endure.

4 His works most wonderful he hath
made to be thought upon:
The Lord is gracious, and he is
full of compassion.

5 He giveth meat unto all those
that truly do him fear;
And evermore his covenant
he in his mind will bear.

6 He did the power of his works
unto his people show,
When he the heathen’s heritage
upon them did bestow.

7 His handy-works are truth and right;
all his commands are sure:
8 And, done in truth and uprightness,
they evermore endure.

9 He sent redemption to his folk;
his covenant for aye
He did command: holy his name
and rev’rend is alway.

10 Wisdom’s beginning is God’s fear:
good understanding they
Have all that his commands fulfill:
his praise endures for aye.